Martabak Casablanca Yogyakarta


Street Food? Why not? I’d like to present you Martabak Casablanca! Located at Seturan Raya Street, across to STIE YKPN. Due to their super strategic location, this place is never really lack of crowd. But don’t worry, they provide plenty of plastic chairs for you to wait the martabak. Martabak Casablanca has been established for 2 years. They have 3 stalls. The first one is for sweet flavour of martabak, the second is for the savoury flavour, and the last is for grilled bread. The ordinary martabak stall only sell martabak with cheese, chocolate, and peanut flavours. Martabak Casablanca has something different! They fulfil the teenagers’ craving for something new and trendy! Yep, they have nutella, toblerone, caramel, blueberry, strawberry, durian, chunky bar, oreo and ceres. So here’s the front look of Martabak Casablanca.

I am sorry for my reflection in this photo haha. Here you can see the menu and the price list of each martabak.This time I order one martabak with nutella as the topping, one of recommended menus in here. First it is baked on a pan, greased with butter, and the last is the topping. Moreover, the martabak is folded in half and cut into portions. The size of the martabak in here is not too big yet the topping is greased super generously! The price of one martabak with nutella as the topping is IDR 48K. It isn’t expensive if I compare to other martabak stalls.

This is the martabak stall for the savoury flavour. As you can see the making process from the photos below, the making process is quite different with the sweet martabak. They use a large frying pan and vegetable oil to sautee the martabak. Savoury martabak consists of egg, chicken meat or beef (depends on what you choose), and mixed vegetables. A plate of hot white rice is just a perfect company for this martabak!

They don’t have delivery service right now. But they have plan to reach it one day.
For more information, you can contact them at 081542740014.
Opening Hours : 05.00 pm – 02.00 am

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